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Freedom of Speech

Okay, so this dickless wonder. I won't even say the name here, because I don't care to attract the attention this moron brings, to this forum. He suggest that the freedom of speech only initially stands when discussing the government. Now, it doesn't take alot to know that this kid is well.. full of shit. But, I feel that this is a striking notation of the lack of education, on an important matter, because being an artist (of any kind) we rely on the freedom of speech, to really, do, what we do. If we don't have this important subject; we don't have the lives we lead, so I'm going to correct this here, and edumacate dumb shits. Though this is the internet, and thus it probably will not do any good.

The first amendment as written, does not only protect a persons right to free speech, against the government. Instead, it rejects the ability of the government, and authorities to interfere with one's right to life, liberty, property, freedom of speech, a freedom of press, freedom of worship and assembly. No government authority may attempt to interfere, with these subjects, within reason. So, for those mindless bastards, who would argue, that a threat can have you arrested, this is true, but this does-not stop us from free speech, again, within reason. For example. I have the right to call you a mindless neo-nazi yuppy politically stupid dog, who should go kill yourself. Aslong as I don't address an intention to cause such harm, myself.

The rights hereby addressed, reflect on the inability to allow government control the creation of a purely authorative reach, and establishes that they in no-way may change this, so long as these rights do stand. Now if you are out there - and you happen to read this, and you ever thought anything less of what those rights mean. Hopefully for your own sake, this has learned you something new, before your lack of education on the subject, but constant intrusion into the situation. (You know who you are) does one day get you hurt.

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