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Heather Martin

You'll always be remembered.
Now that you are gone.
Faithfully in the hearts of others.

Now that you are gone.
People will feel as if something is missing.
Taken too soon from their lives.

From those wishing they could hear your voice.
To those that would have the pleasure of seeing you
At the start of each morning.

It won't feel quite right.
Because they know they won't have that pleasure anymore.
Now that you are gone.
But they will live on with your memory.

Holding onto it, as they should.
Perhaps wishing that they had done more.
Or understanding that they did all that they could.

You were young, yet.
So we know that you walk with god.
A place that you deserve.
Where you might be happier, wherever you are.

Taken too young.
Heather Martin
You will be missed, you will be remembered.
You will be loved, so long as your memory remains in mind.

Now for all of our readers, we ask that you bow your head, and take a moment of silence, outside of your life, to wish Heather Martin, who passed away this year of a brain tumor, a sweet afterlife. Thank you.

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