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Thank a Vet

This Post I'm Sure is going to piss alot of people off but really I dont mind if it does... With that being said on to the rant

Today Being Veterans Day sure is a day to honor the men and women who serve all well and good Im proud of the Vets of  the past and of the future Im the daughter of a Veteran  and yes Im proud of him (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!)

with that being said......

IM sick and fucking tired of hearing these words  teh few days before today  "DON't FORGET TO THANK A VETERAN ON VETERANS DAY""  HELLLO  you have got to be kidding me you mean ur only supposed to remember one day out of the damn year what the fuck happened tothe other 364  and 365 days on leap year do we see them and walk over them in the streets and look at them with disgust but on that ohhhhh so special day be all   I must thank you. For all of you selfish pricks who sit up in ur high and mighty  castles of what ever lala land u built for ur self. You guys really piss me off these men and women faught for what they thought was the good of this country yet you all only acknowlegde them one day out of the year while teh rest of the time u turn your noses up like ur better. As if most of u pansy ass mommas boys couldnt hold a candle to well most all vets. But in ur minds you throw a day for them  give them a free snack a pat on the ass and be all yup my good deeds done see you next year. Well news flash you morons there are more impoverished vets who  made it there lifes mission to help this pathetic country and the spoild rich pricks to sit around and do nothing yet  you turn ur noses up  at them every other day of the year but this one. You want to show kindness and give help heres an idea get  off ur lazy fuckin asses and  help get the vets who  helped make it so you can be lazy fuckin assholes  find a place to live and food too eat and stop looking your noses down like your better because sorry pissant your farrrr from better so far from better that you make the lowest of the low look good.

Im sick of Hearing Have you thanked a Veteran because quite frankly the people who ask that are the same people who walke over a homeless man with a sign saying will work for food.

To all the VETERANS out there THANK YOU not just to day but everyday.. For all you self rightous asshole who think your better then someone else reach back and smack ur selves up side the head because  well I'm Here to burst your bubble your not better you'll never be better and your mother should be punched for teaching you its ok to act like you are

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