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Marijuana Legalization

I believe pot should be legalized. It stands to reason, of course, that it is just my opinion, and the opinion of someone who doesn't smoke pot, atleast not anymore.

Now, what I do understand, is the general nature of people in question. It wasn't legal then, we did it anyway. It makes it more tempting, when it is illegal, to do it in the first place, only it brings about a reprocussion that the government assumes, is hefty enough, that it would keep people from thinking of doing it, and they're right, only to a point. It keeps honest people from trying it, because let's face it, they're scared. Or there's the group that has no intention of ever doing it, and that's great.

However, failure to legalize marijuana reflects in making it seem even more worth doing to begin with, plus, for those that do, smoke pot. The available options of taxation and other principles could drastically help the state of things, as they currently stand.

This doesn't even begin to go into how I believe they should do it, based on the idea that they condemn it for being harmful, and such, but they allow the consumption of alchohol, and other things, which I believe are much more dangerous than marijuana.

So that's my opinion. What do you think bloggers? Should pot be made legal?

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