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God damn anti-smokers, and their bullshit. They believe that by putting a lable on the cigarettes saying graphic things such as "Smoking can kill" Will force their oppression over what we do. All it does, naturally, is make me want to smoke more, and then question their integrity. Notice, the bold is intended as that is how they wish to have it, on the cigarette packs by October 2012.

Now I'm not saying everyone has to smoke, nor am I going to stand around advertising it, and suggesting you should do it. Don't, it drains money, and overall it's a poor decision, however, what gives these nazi bastards the right, nay the privledge, to insist upon giving us their bullshit?

If I want to smoke, I'll fucking smoke. If I want to drink, I'll fucking drink. If I want to make a pipe bomb, and cram that fucking thing up a pig's rectum, I will! And to these morons who think posting shit like this will make me think otherwise, fuck you. Fuck you, and your stupid ideas, you should be lit on fire by a can of gas, and a fucking cigarette, you new aged communist faggots. Take your shit, and go back to fucking Russia, or where ever the hell they bred you moronic abortion failures.

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