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Stupid people who do that thing

So. Today I had this occurance, where I'm sure everyone has them, but the thing here is to remember first off. I have a memory span, that is close to zip. Half the time I can't remember what day it is.

But, where this becomes annoying. Is like I said, everyone has had this instance, but someone comes up to you and they do the "Hi." call you by your name, and your first response is. "Who the fuck is this?" You try to walk away from them, and they keep talking, they go on to give you their name. Now I'm not completely cold hearted.
I pretend to play along, in the hopes, that this moron gets the point. I don't want to talk to them, and they move on. But, then they start dredging up memories from school. Fucking school. As if I could be bothered to remember someone, I didn't stay in contact with, this fucking long. Finally I had enough, and I replied "You know what, this has been real nice, but I've got shit that I need to do, and you're in my fucking way."

So this douche bag. Insists that I'm the rude one. Long story short. Don't come up to a complete stranger, and start remembering shit. Second, if I don't know who you are, after you ask if I remember you, then chances are, I don't want to fucking know you to begin with. And finally. Everyone could stand to learn to shut the fuck up once and a while. Constant blabbering from a complete stranger, gives me a migraine.

I came home, popped 6 Excedrine, and pretended that just for a moment, the world might one day get more smart. This is the impression idiots like this leave me with. I think for those of us who have this occurance, from time to time, we should just start smacking the fuck out of them, I bet they get the fucking picture then.

To the people who do this shit, look. This idiot is Robert. This is the kind of moron, who comes up and claims to be known. Do you want to grow up to be like this this guy? That's right, that's a man, not a really old woman, a man, in a fucking dress. Stupid people come in all shapes and sizes apparently. Make it your life mission to read a book, to gain a healthy ability in taking criticism, and do it fast, before you all come out looking like Robert, the queen of the fucking fairies.

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