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Interview With Tristan

How would you describe your written work to people who have not read it before?

Honestly. I try to make things as descriptive as possible. My personal desire - now wether I fail or not is beyond me. - is to put the person reading it into the character's world. Which I've been told I have a nackt for. Now if only I were better with names. As far as what style? It usually insists upon a level of gore, no matter what style it is, but the actual style itself can be just about anything.

Do you explore into unusual practices in anything you work on, even privately?

I do. Infact, I have a very evil and gorey mindset, when I'm writing.

Hero, or The Villain. Who wins?

Neither, in most cases. With some exceptions. I prefer to make most of my work revolve in such a way, that everyone loses. Especially when the time is right, to kill the story.

Are there any works, that you would say influence you?

Too many to list, actually. From the Art of War, which helps in design of political situations, and battlefield motivations. Anne Rice for supernatural muse. Stephen King for horror. Even some very old poetry. Like I said before, too many.

How would you describe your writing process?

Much like with how I handle this blog. When it comes to ranting and raving, or, just writing a poem or working on a story. I tend to make sure I have music playing before hand. Something to drink to my right side. Cigarettes to my left for the all to common smoke break. Once all of that is in position, the rest just comes down to wether I am in the mood or not.

Will you ever post any complete work on blogger?

I have thought about it, mainly to motivate the rest of my work into some public eye, but, to be honest. I'm not very trusting, so I can't say for sure at this point in time, wether I would or not.

Anything else to tell your readers, about your work?

I'm very critical. I go through, thinking that I'm enjoying writing something, until I get chapters and chapters in. Then wind up trashing it because it lost it's taste to me, and I think if it loses its taste to me, it's useless otherwise to continue. I also have a very dirty mouth, therefore characters in the story, like, with the author, reflect by being just as foul, and often as bold.

Anything else, not relating to your work?

Nope. I think I've said all that I need to. Thanks for reading, and if you lost interest before reading the whole thing. I don't blame you, but fuck you.

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