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Hello again bloggers. My first topic of discussion for Hypnotix is telepathy. Now. I want to begin by saying, that you don't have to agree, with me, or with anyone who would participate, in this discussion. That being said. Things like telepathy are widely discredited in the scientific community, given that there's no proof. However. There's not much proof of anything, in the scientific community. In truth scientists are largely just as lost as everyone else, but, more imaginative. Imagine that.

Now. Telepathy, or Thought-transference, is the ability to read thoughts, and store information, between two linked neuropaths. These neuropaths of course being linked by extrasensory perception, or ESP. Basically any sense, that escapes the natural five senses. Typically the idea of people claiming to have these abilities leads to a basic thought of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders. These people create false positives, or, believe in their own bullshit, pretty much.

However - from an adult view. I have to ask. Can you create an image, and have it just "randomly appear"? It's possible, but extremely difficult. You'd never actually think of something new, without an originally created thought. Example. I asked you to create this randomly given image. So basically if an apple didn't exist, and I said to think of.. and I went about describing the apple, you would think, of the apple. The same can be said for the shared thoughts of the "supernatural" it adapts and changes the original image, but the base image, has literally no understanding of how it came to be. I.e Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Goblins, Ghouls, etc.

I would also like to submit to our readers here, that there is a sense of telepathy, evident, amongst "lovers". It is the only reason people share any concept of human "empathy". And strangely for those of us who may-be more intelligent than we let on. Empathy becomes incredibly hard to have, due to a basic understanding of what it is.

Outside of the realm of basic understanding, we move into the principles of religion. The entire concept of some higher conscience. Good and evil. The means by which people come to understand these things. Now without going into a religion is bad, religion is good arguement. There are perfectly logical reasons as to these supposed signs, however, not always. Some people claim to have divinated thought, that can be neither proven nor unproven, as the scenario goes. Therefore believeing in such a thing as religion, god, and so forth. One is therefore made to believe in such a thing as telepathy.

Now, with the neuropath functioning with electric energy pulses passing through neurons, is it so unlikely that two neuropaths can connect such energy between neuropath A and neuropath B? What do you think bloggers? Please remember to keep this on base. There will be a time and a place for religious discussion and such.

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