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The New Layout and Blogs of Notice

The blog layout has been changed, obviously. Hopefully this can be more well arranged, less of a cluttered mess, which should be less disrupting. Now that things seem to be more in order, I will begin welcoming people to our "Blogs of Notice" please be well-informed that you may use to send in an e-mail about your blog, only. I will not use this to accept and read any personal material of any kind, and therefore if private messages are sent to this e-mail address, they will be deleted immediately. Now, how exactly does this work? Well.

For those posting their blog related material, you need to have and be the owner of the blog in question naturally. Here you will send an e-mail of a useable blog-icon and or logo, the logo should not be excessive in size, please bare in mind that excessive logos will make your blog mail get deleted. Once you have that, you simply give a description of what your blog is about, and why you think people should notice your blog. Now does this guarantee you, a spot in the blog of notice, and our link-bar? Not necessarily. Every friday this e-mail will be checked for the blogs of notice. And every friday only "two" will be posted. Those two who are posted, will be added to the subscribed-list, linked on the left side of this page, and, have a post made with the owners description and reason, in the "Blogs of Notice" area. And they will be chosen by SiNn and/or myself, meaning only the two favorited of 'that' week, will be posted, the rest will just have to either, try again the next week, or, well, with all due respect, float off happily in the same boat you'll likely be pissed in.

Thank you very much, and happy blogging. Tristan.

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