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Your children, and the internet gaming.

Inconsiderate assholes, your children, and online-gaming communities. How does this all fit together? Too many people fully relinquish any means of a control scheme over their children, by just allowing them to play videogames, now please, be aware that this is not an anti-gaming flame, as it were, but rather, a rant against parents of those who allow their children to play "online" in general.

The problem becomes more aware, by listening and or watching a child's behavior in any online enviornment really. The parents lacking any form of communication in teaching their children respect, they aren't the ones that have to put up with the children's behavior. So, when the child is playing this online game, these parents are not the ones made to hear the insult-matches, as they begin to lose, hearing them tell some other child to "suck their balls", or threatening to "kill one another", etc.

What this boils down to, is that parents should teach their demon spawn to have a little more respect, to even at the very least, fully comprehend what they are saying to people, over the internet, before they are saying it, and the dangers of talking to people this way on the internet, in general. Because well, let's face it, you never really understand, who you are talking to, what kind of person this person you speak to might actually be. Even having polite conversations with people these days, is a gamble, but to be that vulgar and crappy with "everyone" who does something you dislike, its poor-sporting, which, is the wrong kind of attitude to have in any gaming enviornment that revolves around more than one person. And, it's just downright rude. So, to resolve this problem, if your child spends time on the internet, listen to them if they're one of these mouthy-types, I suggest a bottle of dawn dishsoap. It won't kill them, we had it done to us, and we turned out just fine. Thank you very much.

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