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Justin. Go away.

Alright. So by now, everyone has been bombarded by the advertisement, that just won't stop popping up. "Never Say Never" A movie story, about, Justin Bieber. So, they get a bunch of people together, and they talk about what an inspiration this kid is. And this is made into a motion picture, about the kid's life.

Okay. First off, congrats to you, you've got talent. You got yourself a movie. I applaud you, I don't like you, but I applaud you and submit to the idea, that some morons out there, still give a damn about you.

Now that being said. I have to be mean now.

First off. What does Justin always say? He's not old enough to have said, anything all the time. He's like fifteen or sixteen years old. Which then brings me to my next point of validity.

How can this kid be an inspiration? So what, he can hook people with the modern age dribble they call music. Good for him, but for fuck sakes, don't call this little twerp an inspiration. An inspiration is someone who elevates what they do, for the sake of doing it better. They don't showboat, and make a movie about their life when they're a teenager! Okay!? It just doesn't work!

This then puts into perspective the idea that this is more relative to teenage girls, who just want to see this pop-icon plastered, everywhere. So what do they do? They make a movie, and put Justin's name on it, and tell this lame ass life story, of this fifteen year old. This is putting entirely too much respect behind a person, and not behind what the person DOES.


Justin Bieber goes and sells out a crowd of teenage girls, plays a slow paced, show, gets something thrown at him. (Not) an inspiration.

A man who's name isn't necessary, goes against all odds, to get up in the morning, and train his ass off, with a deformed leg. All for the sake of trying, just "TRYING" to succeed in winning a marathon. (Definately is) an inspiration.


To get all these celebrities to give this kid clout, and have all the little twerps talking about how great he is. Only further rejects the fact that this is no where near inspirational, infact, it detests it with the exact opposite spectrum by pointing out that this kid has become favorable by these celebrities, at the age of 15 or 16 years old. Erego, he had NO real struggle.

So in ending. Justin. I don't care if you want to stand on stage, and blow happy bubbles while people peg you with shit stained bricks, and candy, (go ahead, rot your baby teeth the rest of the way, we don't care). But for the love of god, get the fuck off my television. It's bad enough I see people talking about you, a million times, everywhere else. Now I have to see you claiming the title of inspiration, and getting a commercial advertisement for your movie, every hour. Go away, you spoiled little bitch.

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Gina Blechman said...

I definatly have to agree. I feel the same way about Miley Cirus and her stupid memoir. These kids are hardly old enough to know anything about life. Memoirs and real-life-story movies are meant for someone is at the top of their career. When they have struggled and fought and learned for years and now have settled into their spot and are ready to share their story with the world. The only reason these kids get movies and memoirs is because the world knows, even if these kids dont, that these kids are at the top of their short careers. This is as good as it will get and soon it all will decline and the industry wants to make money of them while it can.

<3 Gina Blechman