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Harper Collins and Alloy Entertainment

Harper Collins and Alloy Entertainment the publishing company responsible for publishing The Vampire Diaries, makes a fatal flaw. Because L.J Smith wanted an end game featuring Damon and Elena as love interest, but the company Alloy Entertainment wanted Stefan and Elena as their end game love interest, they have used the legality of The Vampire Diaries being written as "For hire", to can L.J Smith from the Vampire Diaries, and have made it so that the future releases will be done by a ghost writer, with explicit instruction, barring the ghost writer from continuing with a Damon and Elena love interest, as the end game. They want a straight Stefan and Elena love interest, and less of the character "Bonnie".

It has been quoted that Alloy Entertainment actually believes, that fans of the series won’t know the difference between the ghostwriter and L.J. Smith, anyway. Who the fuck do these people think they are!? After years of hard work being poured into a story like this, these dumbass mother fuckers believe that they can just toss the written voice aside, for a ghost writer, and no one will tell the difference. And for what? Because she wouldn't obey her publisher's demands for how their uptight, diaper stuffed asses felt that the story should go? Fuck you Harper Collins and Alloy Entertainment, take what's left of the last part of your brain, and get the fuck out of the publishing company because to all who read this, I say we begin a meme from this, for sake of the writer, over the publisher.

Learn your place, or be cast into the abyss of your own bullshit, where no one will buy your shit, borrow your shit, or so much as read your shit in a library, and fall where you belong to the fucking gutter, with the garbage you're attempting to create. Most especially if you honestly believe authors to be so easily replaced, that people won't tell the difference. On a personal note, to that, I say fuck you!

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