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Eternally Yours


A conversation interrupted. The sunlight cast came over a well aged stone monalith, that shine through the window of the interior, of the old manor. Shadows of bodies, cast out over the stone floor, and a man placed his wine glass down on the table, before he shifted his opposite hand over a young lady's mouth instinctively. "Shh. Get in the bedroom, and don't make a noise." She nodded then ran to the bedroom as she was told, where she crawl beneath the bed, listening.

Men in black hussled through the frame, after the door imploded from it's hinges, and red smoke rolled upon the stone floor, staining it, until it reached the man's heels, who gretted them with his exposed back. A lady's image portrayed in the exposed flesh, with the evident texture of flowers, and other mournful images.

They approached, as his neck arched, and his eyes twisted into near upright slits. "Give me a reason." He said, watching, as a fat man stood at a distance, holding a firearm toward his face. "Going to make this hard on yourself? More fun for me." An annoying laughter, the hee hee hah, like a mule, it irritated the man's senses, so he took for the fat man's arm, breaking it by forcing in, then pulling away, throwing the fat man to the floor, where he kneeled against his neck, before proceeding to use the man's gun on each individual that poured through the door frame, then from each window, until he peered around each corner of the room, to see they were all dead. "You're safe now." The man replied to her peeking eyes, before he rose from his knee, and put a bullet in the fat man's head.

He approached her, as she shook nervously, but his hand extended forward, and she could feel the same warmth that she had felt before. "Thank you for rescuing me, Kenta." She blushed. "Again." taking his hand, as he would direct her out of the room. "It's nothing." "Nothing? So you do this for every woman you meet?" She said jokingly, though found herself discouraged slightly, as he nodded his head. "Yes, atleast those that I can." These words brought Kenta to stop in his tracks, and she could feel the sadness radiating from him, so she swallowed back her flirtatious urges. "Are you okay?" "I'll be fine." he said, before he began pacing forward with her again, helping her back toward the car. "We should get you back, remember, don't tell the police anything." "Right." She replied, before climbing inside, and when the door was shut behind her, she pressed her face against the glass, lost in thought. Why did he do what he did?

Chapter One: Shira's Performance

"He's here." A woman said, as her finger pointed north by north east, through the skylight. "No. He wouldn't..?" A man to her right commented, just as the lights flicked out over the performance, and people began to run screaming from the search light of a ship, that peered through the glass skylights. "Come on, we have to get to the stage!" "Wait Pam!" The man argued, but she was already charging head strong onto the stage, before the second stage lights fell dead, and glass showered the stagefloor, where Kenta descended. He waved back the bangs of his jet black hair, after hitting the floor, then rose from his knee, behind Shira.

"Wait, Kenta. You don't have to do this." - "And what am I doing?" - "We've been onto your plan to kidnap Shira, for a week!" - "I see." This made Kenta smile. "I'm glad that you're doing good police work, Pam, but I apologize. Until we meet again." He said this just as the doors at the back of the theatre exploded.

"You will not be harmed, love." Kenta whispered to Shira, as he unveiled a card from inside his long leather coat, throwing it to the floor, so smoke erupted and fill the stage area, then he took hold of her. "Up we go." He pulled her into his arm, and a zipline retracted, as Kenta rest his other hand along the wire, to pace it's rise.

"Zack, behind you." Zack's head tilted, at Pam's call. "She's getting away." - "Humm." He watched them prepare to shoot at Kenta and Shira before he jumped in, disarming the men, and knocking the munconcious. Then as the smoke clear, Pam watched Kenta bow his head, and call back from the deck. "You shall see Shira again soon. I promise." And as if brought by the light, the ship vanished.

"You knew he wasn't going to hurt her, didn't you?" - "What?" - "You hesitated, Pam. You never hesitate." Pam thought about her actions, and she nodded. "There's more to the story." - "I have time." - "Kenta, and his wife they used to explore the world together. After her supposed accident though, we've witnessed events similar to this." She paused, allowing the information to sink in for Zack. "It was as if he got a hero complex, when it came to women, especially the right women." - "Seriously?" Zack replied, and Pam's head nodded. "That ship you witnessed, was his own creation aswell, and, he named it after her, only, behind her name he added the word vengance." - "Wow.." Zack leaned back shocked.

"Yeah, but, he always makes a big mess. Under the guise that she asked him to do it, and by doing it, he thinks he can keep her alive." - "So in the ship?" - "That's right, she's entombed beneath it's deck." - "That's sad." - "Yeah. Imagine being that intent on an impossible goal." Zack replied to Pam's scorn with a sigh, and shook his head. "What a poor man. I wouldn't even know where to begin."

Back in the office, Zack sat down, and stare off at Pam allowing her to get her jacket off, and get comfortable before he asked, "So if he isn't bad, what's your story?" Finally Zack asked, as he leaned back, and this time it was Pam's turn to sigh, as she seen him cling to a whiskey bottle. "I've never caught him, only just came close." Pam paused for a moment. "Thinking, maybe.. well.." - "If he feels noticed, he won't stop doing what he's doing." Zack said, and noted her reaction as if he had struck a nerve. "He won't stop doing, what you can't." Pam stood lost in a pitiful gaze. "Yes.." - "You're pathetic." Zack said, standing up, and leaving the room, and leaving Pam to her thoughts.

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